Dr Heather Sequeira: Specialist in Stress, Trauma & OCD

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Dr Heather Sequeira: Specialist Therapy & Training   For Psychology Professionals: CBT Training in Trauma & OCD see https://www.ptsdtraumaworkshops.co.uk/   For Individual Private Practice Consultations see   http://www.psychologistmiltonkeynes.co.uk   Split equally between her two key areas of interest; trauma and OCD, Dr Heather continues to work in a part-time specialist capacity for the NHS. Dr Heather conducted her PhD (University of London) in the field of psychological trauma and now helps clients  work through Stress, Trauma, OCD & Anxiety Disorders Heather has published articles on traumatic experience in leading international journals, presented at international conference and editor of the Counselling Psychology Reivew.

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Heather Sequeira focuses on Trauma, PTSD OCD, training, stress reactions, instilling courage and Psychological resilience in face of stress reactions. SEE https://www.ptsdtraumaworkshops.co.uk/ for clinical training in PTSD and Trauma. These training sessions effectively bridge the gap between Research and Practice. Alongside innovative clinical research updates, you will observe *live therapy* in process with our simulated client attending therapy. We discuss moment–to–moment decisions about the direction therapy should take whilst 'pausing' to unpack the therapy with real-time discussion, demonstration & practice of skills. Our aim is to offer credible case material that is realistic and relevant to the work that you do, rather than textbook examples. Fiercely Non-pathologising and empirically driven. Relationally based and action orientated. For Clinicans who are not just theory-savvy but skilled, confident and more in demand. The workshops are safe spaces to support clinicians to do the work that matters. A maximum of 16 delegates attend each live online event.